"All Natural" Elk Meat

Elk meat is not only tasty, but is lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than 'traditional' red meats. For this reason, the demand for elk meat is increasing among health conscious consumers. Venison consumption in the U.S.A., which includes Elk meat, has more than doubled since 1992 according to the Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food Department.

Venison is today's health conscious meat choice. Elk meat is considered gourmet fare and is becoming more popular every year. Elk is lean, with only 22% of the meat energy derived from fat, as compared with 35% to 47% for lamb and 33% for beef. Venison is low in cholesterol, and the ratio of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids is higher than in conventional red meats. Because of this, Elk has the best attributes of red meat without the perceived health risks.

Farm Raised Elk is the new, "healthy style" food. Light, lean and tender. It is also rich in minerals, particularly iron and phosphorus which accounts for its rich dark coloring. Give us a call today to make elk meat part of your diet!

Sure, you can purchase elk meat from online "meat" stores from all over the US. Do you really know what you are getting when you purchase from a middle man? Why not know exactly what you are purchasing and go directly to the farmer himself. Be confident you are purchasing the best quality, best price elk meat on the market today. Give us a call to discuss, or swing by the farm to have a look at the operation for yourself. 

Elk Sticks

Spicy Elk

Summer Sausage






Chuck Roasts

Rump Roasts


New York Strip


Elk Sticks- Spicy or Mild..........$16.50 / dozen

Elk Steak Medallions..........$13.50 / pound (3 per package)

Elk Ribeye Steaks..........$20.00 / pound

Elk Tenderloins..........$24.95 / pound

NY Strip Steaks..........$17.50 / pound

Sirloin Steaks..........$15.00 / pound

 Elk Brats..........$8.00 / pound

Elk Pastrami..........$13.50 / pound

Spicy Summer Sausage w/ cheese..........$2.75 / .25 pound pkg

Elk Summer Sausage with blue cheese & jalapeno..........$2.75 / .25 pound pkg

Ground Elk Patties..........$8.00 / per pkg of 4 (.25 lb patties)

Bulk Ground Elk..........$8.50 / pound 

Bison Steaks

Bison Sirloin Steaks..........$15.00 / pound

Bison NY Strip Steaks..........$17.50 / pound

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